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Duff TV offers a duplication service and can transfer virtually any old media to a digital format. The format we normally convert to is MPEG4 / MP4. However we offer other formats if requested. We can transfer the following formats:


  • VHS / VHS-C

  • Beta max

  • Video 8 / Hi 8 / Digital 8

  • Mini DV / Mini DVCam

  • Cassette Tapes (please provide details and we will provide you a quote.)

Price Breakdown:

  • 1 - 20 items:  $25 each

  • 21 or more items: $22 each


  • DVD

  • Blue ray

Price Breakdown:

  • All items: $16.50 each



  • For 8mm / 16mm film please let us know what you have and we will provide you a quote



  • Storage of content on USB drive: $20​

  • If you are getting lots of duplication completed, it might be more beneficial for you to provide your own portable USB3 hard drive to us to copy the files to. 

Where can you drop off your items:

We have an arrangement with the Mt Nelson store who are open 7am - 7pm seven days a week. Simply contact us for a quote and if you go ahead, then simply drop your items (and your USB3 drive if applicable) into the shop where they will be safely stored until we collect, which is usually that day. You can either collect from the shop or sometimes we can deliver back to you.

The entire process happens at the Duff TV studios, meaning your treasured memories are safe on location during the conversion process.

So, what are you waiting for? Drag those old copies out from wherever they are and we'll see you soon!. Please click the 'Enquiry Now' button to get in contact with us!


Every care is taken with old tapes and reels, however in some rare cases tapes and reels are known to snap or becomes twisted during duplication.

This is rare but formats such as Mini DV are especially more fragile.


Duff TV also has approximately 20 years of footy filming from across Tasmania and we could have the match you're looking for! Check out our dedicated page for all the info.....

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